by Piotr

Apartments may be a solution for those looking for a slightly cheaper alternative than a hotel. I have prepared the following list based on my knowledge and experience (knowing where to stay so that it is close to either public transport or monuments).

The list was divided according to the district:

Ciutat Vella (Old Town) – you will be the closest to attractions such as the cathedral, la Rambla, la Boqueria, relatively close to the beach. There are hardly any buses in this district (only on the main roads) and it can get quite noisy in the evenings due to tourists.

Eixample — it is in the very center of the city, you will be equally close to all important points on the map of Barcelona, ​​a similar road will wait for you to the beach and the Tibidabo hill, due to the specific nature of the buildings, you do not have too much greenery, and car traffic can be heard. It is also the district with the largest number of apartments prepared for tourists.

Nou Barris — Barcelona’s new neighborhoods are one of the quieter districts of the city, but due to its location you will be quite far from both the old city and other sights located in the city. The advantage will be silence and the lack of driving cars.

Sant Andreu —it’s a slightly strange district and it will be an ideal place for someone who likes industrial atmosphere, because there are quite a lot of all kinds of halls and warehouses, it is quite well-connected district that allows you to reach the center by tram! There is peace and quiet here and tourists are unlikely to come here.

Sant Marti — seaside district, if you come to Barcelona for sunbathing, you are a sea lover and want to go for a walk to the Barcelona beach every evening then this district is for you! Well connected, it combines both the old buildings from the 1950s and the newest buildings with the business part of the city, if you add the former Olympic village to it, we have the whole picture of the Sant Marti district

Montjuic/sants — a district from which you will be close to the Old Town, Camp Nou or Spanish Square. It borders on Hospitalet de Llobregat, there is peace and quiet here, although the conditions and surroundings are slightly worse than in other districts.

Les Corts —the district where Camp Nou is located, the Catalan Duma stadium, i.e. FC Barcelona. From here you will be quite far to both the old town, the sagrada and the sea and you will probably use the metro, unless you come to the game or are BlauGrana lovers, then it will be the perfect spot for you. Les Corts is one of the quieter districts of the city, although it also has a university.

Sarria — it is one of the richest neighborhoods in Barcelona. peace and quiet is a synonym of this district. Barcelona’s most expensive mansions are located here. Slightly less connected (there are not as many buses as in other districts).

Gracia — If someone was looking for a district with a Barcelona soul, with the atmosphere and character of Barcelona artists, then you don’t really need to read anymore. You’ve just found the Golden Grail, this district is the quintessence of art, a combination of the old town and an artistic way of spending time. This is one of the coolest neighborhoods in the city. Although buses (such 12-seater) travel through the narrow streets of the district, car traffic outside the main thoroughfares is practically non-existent. From here you will be a bit further to Barcelona’s beach, but about 20 minutes walk to both the old town and the Sagrada familia church.

Horta guinardo —is a typical residential area, although there are some really interesting sights worth visiting. Living here, it will certainly be easy for you to find a park with a labyrinth, Velodrome or see the Mistos sculpture. The del Carmel hills or the Sagrada Familia church will also be within walking distance.

In our opinion

When looking for accommodation in Barcelona, ​​remember that what we presented is our subjective opinion about the neighborhoods. The city is really brilliantly connected and from any place you can easily get to another part of the city. If we were to tell you which district to choose, in our opinion, head towards Graci, Horta or Saria

These are districts where you should feel a bit of peace after a day of sightseeing.

Typical tourist districts (Eixample, Old Town) can be a bit noisy at night (although of course it all depends on the location of the apartment – e.g. which side the windows face).

However, if you are a lover of sunbathing, consider only the Sant Marti district similarly if you came mainly for the game, look for accommodation in the district les Corts

All of the above accommodation can be recommended to you hand on heart, because they meet the appropriate standards.

Finally, we warn you against renting apartments that do not have a tourist license. In Barcelona, ​​they are obligatory, and if they are not, there is a HUGE penalty of several tens of thousands of euros! Both for the host of such a facility and for people using such accommodation!

When going on vacation, there really is no point in stressing over possible control of local authorities.