Kalendarz świąt i fiest w Barcelonie w 2022

Calendar of holidays and fiestas in Barcelona in 2022.

by Piotr

2022 calendar in Spain

The calendar for 2022 says there will be 14 non-working days and many public holidays where shops in Catalonia will close and people will celebrate in the streets (though not always!). Some of the holidays, which have a religious origin, are currently not celebrated (or to a very small extent). Let’s take a look at which days it is.

  • January 1 Ano Nuevo / New Year – this is probably the most popular holiday in the world when the whole world is free and sleeps off after the ceremony of saying goodbye to the previous year the day before. 😉
  • January 6 Reyes / 3 kings – probably the most important holiday ending the Christmas period. Then an incredibly large and colorful procession runs through the streets of the city, ending with a fire of sweets and candies (it is definitely worth being in Barcelona then).
  • On February 12 Santa Eulalia / Saint Eulalia – the patron saint of Barcelona, ​​then numerous shows and dances referring to the Catalan culture and tradition take place in the city, then sardana is danced and in the evening there is Correfoc, i.e. a run with fire.
  • April 15 Viernes Santo / Good Friday is an important religious holiday and although the Holy Week is not particularly celebrated in Catalonia, you can meet penitents walking in processions in the streets.
  • April 18 Lunes de Pascua Florida / Easter Monday – this is a holiday that is celebrated in Catalonia and it is also the end of a great week.
  • April 23 Diada de Sant Jordi – another of the holidays celebrated in Barcelona in honor of its patron, then the streets are flooded with flowers and stands with books.
  • May 1 Fiesta del Trabajo / Labor Day is also a day that is probably celebrated all over Europe, making it one of the most important holidays in the world! It is calm and quiet in Barcelona itself that day.
  • June 1 Lunes de Pascua Granada / 2nd Passover
  • June 16, cuerpo divino / divine body, during a procession along the streets of the old town of Barcelona, ​​you can see the throne of the last ruler of Catalonia carried along with the monstrance.
  • June 24 San Juan / Saint John, which is a holiday during which fires are burning on the beaches and firecrackers are exploding everywhere, the city does not sleep all night!
  • August 15 Virgen de Agosto / Our Lady of the Herbes Day off work throughout Spain
  • September 11 Diada Nacional de Cataluña / National Day of Catalonia – this day mentions the independence of the region, lost over 300 years ago. A gigantic celebration of Catalan separatists and independenceists.
  • September 24 Virgen de la Merce (L) / Merce celebration Barcelona’s greatest celebration and a day off at the same time! This day happens everywhere in Barcelona! Lots of concerts, performances and parades in all districts of the city.
  • October 12 Fiesta Nacional de España / Spanish Day celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries. It is said that that day Columbus landed in America, as a result of which in Catalonia there are… numerous demonstrations condemning this holiday.
  • November 1st Todos los santos / all saints – celebrated as castanyada, the day when chestnuts and panallets take over our homemade food plates.
  • December 8, La Inmaculada / Constitution Day – a day that is free from work, but as befits Spanish holidays, it is completely omitted from the Catalan calendar in terms of celebrations.
  • On December 25, Navidad / the first day of Christmas and the day that de facto starts Christmas, then you have a big family dinner.
  • On December 26, San Esteban / Saint Stephen, a holiday celebrated in Catalonia and a day off from work, in Barcelona it is worth going to one of the fairs organized in the city (be it at the cathedral or at the Sagrada familia church.

This is, of course, an incomplete calendar, because in Spain holidays and fiestas are practically every day, but the most important of them when a lot is going on can be found in the list above! Now there is nothing else but to buy a ticket for the time you are interested in and admire how the Spaniards celebrate the holidays of your choice.